From sharp, statement three-piece suits to neutral colours, Perception experts check out the business wear you’re sporting this week.

Ehsan Arif, 26

Credit: Beth Rochester

Occupation: Recruitment consultant

Favourite item of clothing: “I have a Vivienne Westwood suit, you know those ones with the gold chain across the buttons? I wore it for my wedding and I wish I could wear it everywhere.”

Complete the look:

Versace belt (Ehsan Arif)£260

Alexander McQueen tie clip (Ehsan Arif)Alexander McQueen sword tie bar, £135

Gavin Clarke, 40

Credit: Beth Rochester

Occupation: Solicitor

Favourite item of clothing: “I left my black Hugo Boss fedora in my office, which is really annoying! Otherwise, I have a set of Marlin Birna salmon leather cufflinks that I save for special occasions.”

Complete the look:Fedora (Gavin Clarke)

Penmayne of London willow fedora in black with feather band, £349

Nathan Taylor, 23

Credit: Beth Rochester


Occupation: Chief operations manager

Favourite item of clothing: “This Zara coat I’m wearing. I feel that it gives an edge to anything I have on – without this, I’m just an average young bloke with long hair and pointy shoes. I wear it to work and basically everywhere else.”

Complete the look:

Burberry coat (Nathan Taylor)Burberry Runway Donegal herringbone and wool-tweed coat, £1,495

Take a look at our favourite fashion picks for this summer.




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