Today is International Whisky Day and what better way to celebrate than to head to a bar and order a glass of your favourite whisky?

International Whisky Day was first established March 27, 2008 to honour the late whisky writer Michael Jackson.

In honour of this prestigious day, here’s a few of our favourite whisky bars in Manchester.

The Whiskey Jar

Credit: The Whiskey Jar

The Whiskey Jar can be found on Tariff Street in the Northern Quarter and is a two level cocktail bar, specialising in whisky from all over the world.

The venue offers over 300 different whiskies and a menu to please every guest that steps inside.

The Whiskey Jar offers a range of different events, with a basement DJ, live artist nights and regular whisky tastings.

Bourbon & Black

Credit: Bourbon & Black

Bourbon & Black is located on Wilmslow Road in Didsbury Village. The team describe themselves as genuine bourbon fanatics and say their bourbon shelf is their “pride and joy.”

They offer a wide range of bourbon, with limited editions, old favourites and classic bourbons on offer. Their menu also includes bourbon cocktails, with old, new, sweet and strong mixes available.

Boom Whisky

Credit: Boom Whisky

Boom Whisky is an alternative to other whisky venues and offers an entertaining yet informative take on all things whisky.

The venue hosts regular whisky tasting events and aim to give their customers a new outlook on the drink.

Aside from the many different options of whisky to drink alone, Boom Whisky also offers cocktails for guests that want something a little smoother to drink.

Boom Whisky can be found on Portland Street, close to Spinningfields and the Northern Quarter.


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